My Web Server

My Web Server

My web server is one of my pride and joys. It runs this website and all of the others I have. The server is located in Roubaix, France, in a data center run by OVH. Here are it's specs:

My Web Server - Powered by OVH

Intel Xeon i7 2.67GHz (4 cores)
2x1.5TB Hitatchi HDD's
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition x64
1Gbps Internet Connection with 10TB Bandwidth/month

This server is by no means cheap - it costs me £84 a month. I do have one advantage however, in that BetaArchive donations pay for most of the server each month, and my co-admin of BetaArchive also pays some of the costs. This is the only way I am able to spend so much on a web server each month.

This server is fairly new (2 weeks old at time of writing) but it's power is huge. It replaced a Core2Quad server with 4GB RAM, 100Mbps connection with 3TB bandwidth. That server had just a single 1TB HDD and it was raped to death with the amount of data we tried to read/write from it. An upgrade was needed so we chose this server. It was only £24 more than the current server of £60, so it was a fantastic deal.


The software run on the server is your bog standard stuff:-

I chose IIS because my previous choice (Abyss Web Server) was no longer powerful enough for the job. IIS is very reliable (more so than Apache in my experience but others will disagree) and handles everything thrown at it. I've not once seen it crash.

The server sees about 3 hits/sec on average and much higher, sometimes 30+ hits/sec at peak times and especially during leak times on BetaArchive. This is why the power of this server was needed.

I wish I had pictures of my server but because it's in a datacentre I can't get pictures of it for several reasons, the main being security.


If you want additional statistics on bandwidth, CPU, etc, you can find them here:

Server Statistics