Established: August 2006

The History

BetaArchive was opened in light of another website called OS Beta Archive (OSBA) closing down. Tension between staff and members grew to the point where the admins could take it no longer, and shut the website down. Within a few hours, BetaArchive started up and became the new home for many people. Within 2 days, the domain name "" was registered (changed to .com in 2010) and shortly after the site got the theme you see today.

The primary reason I started BetaArchive was at the time I wanted to manage a high traffic site. It's something that I had longed for since I opened AbyssUnderground just 2 years previously. While AbyssUnderground was popular, it was not as popular as BetaArchive became. The second reason I opened BetaArchive was because at the time of OSBA's death, I had the fastest and most popular server that was hosting files. The server was un-used at the time so I put it on long term loan to the users of the site. I did somewhat become interested in beta's myself, but not as much as some of the other enthusiasts that I know today.

"... the site ran on my server which I had at home on my broadband connection..."

Right from the beginning I had lots of people saying how quickly the site ran compared to others. There was a reason for this. Not only was I obsessed with site speed but I also had to keep the site optimised in every possible way because the site ran on my server which I had at home on my broadband connection. It was constantly "slayed" by others on the web with comments that websites should not be run on a broadband connection. Never the less, the site still achieved a 99.6% uptime record over the period of 1 1/2 years until we moved to our first dedicated server and was still equally as quick despite the load that was sometimes put upon it.


Dedicated servers don't come cheap, and at the time of the first dedicated server, I was paying for it all myself. It wasn't until 2008 that donations began covering partial costs of the server. Over the last 4 years, £2000 has been donated to the site by it's members to help pay for the server (see the donations page). Our current server has had 100% of it's costs paid for for 2 months (May 2011) now via donations.


Over 3 years we have had 4 dedicated servers until we got where we are today.

The Geeky Stuff

During the Windows 8 leaks in April 2011...


I am extremely grateful to all of the users who have made the site what it is today, and especially "mrpijey" my co-admin for his extremely hard work on the FTP server. I dread to think where we would be today without certain members. Here is hoping BetaArchive continues for many years to come!