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Andy's Gallery

Welcome to my Gallery!

Here I will be putting images from things that happen in my life. Most of them will be from holidays or significant events. I enjoy camping so a few of those will pop up occasionally, and also those from LAN parties.

All of the galleries you can access are on the left. Enjoy!

A little bit about the gallery script

A few years ago I came across the need for a PHP gallery script that automated the gallery as much as possible. Thumbnails and output, etc. I had a friend, Dave Minting, write one for me. It served it's purpose well until recently. I wanted a gallery that could support sub-folders. My PHP skills were much better by this point so I decided to write my own. The result is what you see now. A wonderful script with nice breadcrumbs and side bar navigation, including the all important sub-folders.

I don't like using off-the-shelf scripts if I believe I can create something better and more bespoke, so I try to challenge myself to build things like this. I may make the gallery available for download one day but as it's highly bespoke at the moment, it probably wouldn't be much use to anyone. Feel free to contact me if you would like a copy and I'll see what I can do =)