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September 2006
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August 2006
6th - 6W Folding Panel

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60w Array

I just got my two more new 18w solar panels from eBay. Ive now got a total of 60w in my array providing the intermittent 18w panel doesnt break (the one I "fixed").

The maximum current from the whole array has reached... 100mA so far! Thats because it was 5pm in the evening when I put these up and it was moderately overcast.

The only problem I am presented with now is the lack of mounting for the panels. The only idea I can currently think of to solve this is to use some wood mounted to the wall at the back and have the panels mounted to that. This would stop them blowing away or changing angle because they have fallen. Its also more secure than the current way of mounting them. Here is an image of what I propose to do: