Renewable Energy Log

April 2007
27th - 12v Items

March 2007
24th - New Monitor Box

January 2007
30th - 90Ah SLA Battery
26th - New Charge Controller
10th - 18w Panel Smash

December 2006
23rd - RE Radio Shack
4th - RE Laptop
2nd - 10mm LED Torch

November 2006
21st - Panel Stand

October 2006
16th - More Portable Ideas
10th - More Portable Ideas
8th - Portable Ideas
2nd - 60w Array

September 2006
20th - 18W eBay Panel
20th - Solar Monitor Box
17th - CCFL Lights
17th - 17Ah Battery Datasheet
5th - SLA Batteries

August 2006
6th - 6W Folding Panel

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Andrew Whyman

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http://www.otherpower.co.uk - A popular renewable energy website ranging from wind to solar energy.

http://www.otherpower.com - The website that got me into renewable energy and has helped me to get where I am today.

http://www.gotwind.org - A renewable energy website focusing on wind power.

http://www.windstuffnow.com - Another renewable energy website focusing on wind power.

http://www.scoraigwind.com - Another renewable energy website focusing on wind power with tonnes of information and images.