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New Charge Controller

eBay Seller: koekraf:-
This seller is brilliant. The delivery, despite being from abroad was very quick (1 week). Id recommend this seller if you want one of these charge controllers.

Ive just got my new charge controller from eBay. Its microprocessor controlled and displays everything you need to know. I may still use seperate volt and current meters along with it however since its only got a "0.1" acuracy level on voltage and current.

I had a few teething problems when I first got it. The screws holding the screen in place were quite tight and were pressing the plastic behind the buttons, causing the "-", "OK" and "RESET" all to reset the unit when only "RESET" should do this job. I loosened them up a bit and it seems OK now providing I don't press them too hard.

This image was taken from the eBay listing.