I’ve owned my iPhone for 12 months now

Posted by under Technology, on 11 July 2013 @ 11:59pm.

That’s right, a phone that I have managed to keep for more than a couple of months! And guess how many times it has crashed? Dozens I hear you say? Nope. None. Not a single crash since I got this phone. Sure, apps have crashed. We all know that the Facebook app has it’s flaws, as do some others, but nothing that is stock on the phone has ever crashed on me. That’s more than can be said for my old phones, the LG GTT540 and the Optimus 2x which not only crashed frequently but they also refused to hold a data/wifi/cell connection for longer than a day.

The battery life is also great. Both of my Android phones struggled to get a day if used “normally”. The iPhone easily makes it through the day of normal use. If I use my running/biking app then it gets a bit of a hammering but otherwise it’s perfectly reasonable.

If and when it comes to the point where I need a new phone, I’d have to think long and hard about going back to Android. After a full year using iOS (with frequent updates I might add), I don’t think I could go back to any phone that I know has the possibility to go wrong because of lack of care by the manufacturer. If I were to go back to Android, I would only go for a high end one such as a Samsung Galaxy because they use stock Android and none of the manufacturer bloated crap.

The big question is though, would I buy another iPhone? Yes, I would. Even at £500 up front.