Never again will I buy a VW…

Posted by under Life, on 9 September 2012 @ 12:39am.

VW vs FordRemember the car I bought back in March this year? The very same one that broke down twice within 2 weeks of getting it? Well it’s come to the point where I just can’t stand the damn thing any more. Let me explain…

Ever since I got it I’ve had nothing but trouble. First it was the parking brake (electronic, don’t ask why they did it that way), then the emissions light and injector failure. I thought I had the problems ironed out pretty quickly as they were both common faults that would be resolved easily by a trip to VW and a new button. Oh how wrong I was. Each month there was a new problem. First it was the clutch giving me problems that resulted in it being difficult to change into first and reverse gears, then the gearbox started to whine whilst decelerating in 5th gear. The next month the mass air flow sensor packed in, and the list goes on. Suffice to say since I got the car it’s had 13 faults. 13… In the entire time I owned a Peugeot 306 I never had that many problems.

To be honest I only have myself to blame. Before I got the car, I knew I wanted a Passat for some very good reasons. Firstly 2 of my friends had 2 different older models and they never had trouble with them. Secondly I test drove it and I loved the way it handled and drove (and I still do, sadly). However it wasn’t until after I bought it that I started looking into it’s common faults, and that took me by surprise.

The most common complaints were the electronic parking brake failing and the injectors failing randomly. I thought I’d had these resolved (and I have so far, touch wood). But other less common complaints were still “common”, if you get what I mean. Lots of people talking about similar issues but none of them quite the same as the others. The car was in good condition and looked like it had been well treated and maintained – it was one of the strong points I took on board when buying. However the big let down was that it’s modern, electronic, and a lot can go wrong. When they do go wrong, it’s all £££ to fix – sorry, ££££, since a lot of things are 4 figures to fix it seems.

Obviously this isn’t the sort of investment I would have made given I knew about this before hand, and it’s my fault I didn’t research the history of these models. That said, and the trouble I’m having I decided it wasn’t right that I continue to own it. I didn’t know early on that I had rights under the Sales of Goods act and that I could reject the vehicle because it was sold to me unjustly. I.E. it had inherent problems right from the date of purchase which can be proven in the number of faults it’s had since that time.

I contacted my finance company a few weeks ago who are currently investigating the sale and the condition of the vehicle (they’re yet to send a mechanic to look at it). The place I bought it (naming no names) has been given a short time to correct ALL faults on the vehicle free of charge. If they don’t come through then the finance company will look into the issue and make a decision from there. Given that the problems present are pretty significant (dodgy clutch, engine warning light, etc) I am confident that they will go in my favour. If this is the case I’ve been told by friends and family that I’ll get the full £2k deposit back that I paid, and I’ll be free from the finance agreement. The finance company will repossess the car and then deal with the dealer I bought it from directly. That’s then the last I should hear of that car.

So what am I going to go with next? Well I was thinking of going with a Ford Mondeo. They’re nice cars and my friends Dad has one. That same friend also has a Mondeo Estate. The problem is all cars are going to have common faults and will go wrong in some way, so it’s impossible to escape. I just wished I hadn’t got rid of the Peugeot 306. Sure it cost me a little money but it never ONCE let me down. Not once. It always started first time and it always got me home. Of all the times it did break it did it at home or was an issue that could be taken care of in a short time with no damage done. And best of all, that car was fully mechanical – nothing electronic on the engine to go wrong, it just worked. I’ll miss that car. Sadly I discovered it was recently involved in an accident with it’s new owner, so it’s likely in scrap yard now rotting away…

Still, life goes on. These things are here to test us, and test me it has. Now it’s time to move on and get something new. New heights, new challenges, and plenty of anger to go with it. Sounds like the perfect recipe for life.