CGO2 Camera Firmware Update for Android Support

Posted by under Technology, on 29 March 2015 @ 10:31am.

I recently had to update my new CGO2 camera for my Blade QX3 350 AP Combo as it refused to work with my Android devices (HTC One M8 and 2013 Nexus 7). It wouldn’t show up in the wifi list so I couldn’t connect to it. This happened on all of my 5.8GHz compatible Android devices even though it claims to be 5.8GHz compatible. A quick firmware update to the latest version seemed to allow it to work. It showed up in the list so I could connect as expected.

Here is the firmware file that I used:

cgo2gb_1.9.01_fps50_firmware.bin (36.8MB)

Here are someĀ older firmware versions if you need them. I have not tested these:

cgo2gb_1.9.00_firmware.bin (36.8MB)
cgo2gb_1.8.02_fps50_firmware.bin (36.8MB)

Update instructions:

Disclaimer: The firmware file is provided as-is. I accept no responsibility if this update process fails in any way.

1. Format a memory card with FAT32 or just remove the contents of your existing card
2. Copy the .bin file to the empty card
3. Put the card into the camera and turn it on
4. The light on the front will begin flashing purple after a few seconds.
5. Do not turn the camera off during the update process or you may brick the camera!
6. It will take a few minutes to update. When the purple light stops flashing and the light is off completely, turn off the camera
7. Remove the memory card and delete the .bin file
8. Put the memory card back into the camera and power it up. It’s now ready for use.

The default wifi password for the CGO2 camera is 1234567890.